Tae-Kyeong Kim with Chrissy Smith

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  • Model: Tae-Kyeong Kim and Chrissy Smith
  • Location: The Bathroom of Cinema Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
  • Wardrobe Styling: Twenty Seven and a Half

I was shooting Korean director Tae-Kyeong Kim (with a model) for Stumped Magazine.  We were supposed to shoot in the screening room of the Chicago International Film Festival.  At the last minute, the screening room schedule changed and we no longer had access to it. Since it was pouring rain outside, we were forced to scramble. Helping nothing was the fact that the only other room that we could access in the building was, you guessed it, the bathroom. So we shot in the bathroom. We moved a lot of things around so that it didn’t quite appear like a bathroom, but the toilets were just through a doorway to the right of frame.

Also worth noting: the model’s shoes had all been stolen by her roommate the night before, so we were forced to shoot her barefoot and the hair stylist/makeup artist found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her and cancelled on us so she could move out of their shared apartment.  These things happen.

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