The Refrigerator in the Garage

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  • Location: Riverside Lawn, Illinois

This garage has always been something of an anomaly to me. It not only had a fully functioning bathroom… but the bathroom also had a shower in it. You could talk me into the logic of having a toilet in the garage, especially if you’re restoring cars and have people over to help; you don’t want all of them traipsing into your house to your family’s bathroom. I could see how your wife might have a major problem with that. However, the shower? I can’t come up with a situation that would necessitate (or even explain) having a shower in the garage.

I mean, sure, maybe if you were so filthy from whatever was going on in the garage that you didn’t want to track into the house… but what activity could that have been?  How dirty can you get in a garage?  As evidenced by the floors and walls, nothing particularly dirty was going on there.  (And, if you were getting so dirty at work that you couldn’t go in your own home to shower and needed to shower in the garage, why wouldn’t you just shower at work?)

All of this leads me to the following: I absolutely, positively cannot fathom a scenario that meshes with the reality of the building that would also explain why there was a refrigerator and a toaster in the garage.*

* I would buy into the idea that someone was living in the garage. That would actually explain everything away very neatly, except for the part where the “upstairs” was about five feet tall and its floors were unfinished, partially spray painted, particle board. See for yourself.  Does that look like the kind of place where someone would think about moving into and then going so far as to have a toilet, a shower and a refrigerator installed there?

So I’m used to seeing weird things in abandoned buildings.  What made this garage extra special was that I peered in the door and saw about four things that I simply couldn’t fathom ever being in a garage.  You really can’t ask for much more than that!

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